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The paper carrier bags manufactured by us are characterised by an exceptional look, strength and versatility. Unique, prestigious, with soul – that's how our carrier bags present themselves. We are ECO-FRIENDLY. With us, you preserve the planet and your company becomes known through your logo.

Modern printing, large selection of paper types and grammages. The range includes art print paper, kraft paper, offset paper, decor paper, through-dyed paper, ecological recycled paper.
carrier bags
To satisfy even the most demanding customers, we offer a selection of PREMIUM carrier bags. These are exceptional solutions for those who want to stand out from the crowd or appreciate timeless quality. Luxury paper carrier bags are something that sets a brand apart from the crowd. This builds your brand in the marketplace, but also shapes its perception as a reliable, unique and collaborative brand. When producing this type of carrier bag, we take great care to ensure that every detail is perfect. Printing, attachment, materials, embossing, matt or glossy.
carrier bags
For those who care about the well-being of our planet, we have prepared a special range of ECO carrier bags. For these models we have processed, among others, a straight and a twisted paper handle. These carrier bags are characterised by their strength, but also by their versatility. They are ideal for shopping, for promotional gifts and as ecological gift packaging. Due to the reduced number of finishing processes, they are more environmentally friendly.
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