Imprimes Group and its path to success

The story of Imprimes Group is not only a story of success, but also one of adaptability and anticipation of changes in the market. It is also a story about building lasting relationships based on experience and mutual trust. The company has continuously been guided by values such as innovation, sustainability and quality, which has become a key element of its success. Over the years, Imprimes Group has built a solid position for itself in the printing and production of paper packaging, and the company's dynamic growth has focused particularly on expansion into European markets.

One of the key elements of Imprimes Group's success is its diverse product portfolio. The company does not limit itself to the production of paper packaging, but offers a wide product portfolio tailored to different customer needs. These include rigid box packaging with sponge, cardboard or extrusion inlays, cardboard packaging tailored to the product, exclusive paper carrier bags and eco carrier bags. A close working relationship with the customer, advice, production focused on every detail and quality is what sets the company apart.

The decision to expand into European markets was a natural step. Being aware of the growing interest in environmentally friendly products in Europe, the company made a determined effort to tailor its portfolio to the unique needs of the region. Participation in the 2023 trade fair proved to be a great success. The expansion was based on an understanding of the specific cultural characteristics and market requirements of each country. This experience allowed the company to tailor its portfolio to local needs, while gaining recognition from foreign customers. European customers appreciated not only the quality of the products, but also the professional approach in terms of customer service and commitment to the highest standards. This trust has become a driving force for development, opening up new business opportunities on the old continent.

Continuous success story

Imprimes Group not only reacts to changing trends, but also shapes them with a modern approach to paper packaging production. The portfolio in the field of paper carrier bags ranges from elegant, personalised carrier bags for exclusive events to practical and ecological everyday carrier bags. The packaging distinguishes itself not only by its aesthetics, but also by its care for the environment, thereby attracting increasing customer attention.

In an era where ecology and harmonious development are becoming key values of society, the paper packaging printing and manufacturing industry plays a determined role in providing progressive, ecological solutions. In this rapidly growing field, Imprimes Group is one of the leading players. Over the years, it has focused on improving its services, implementing cutting-edge technologies and engaging in projects of sustainable development.

State-of-the-art machinery allows the company to maintain the highest quality standards while reducing its environmental impact. This balance between quality and a pro-ecological approach is a key element in a dynamic market environment.

Imprimes Group does not intend to rest on its laurels. Despite an increase in the number of customers (including those from the beauty, pharmaceutical, clothing, alcohol and jewellery industry) by 50 % compared to previous years, it is constantly focused on the development of the company. Future plans encompass a continuation of the eco-development trend and further expansion. The company intends to be a precursor in the field of ecological innovations, with an emphasis on minimising its carbon footprint and using environmentally friendly materials.

A long-term presence in this industry has enabled the company to gather expertise, excellent knowledge of trends and the ability to respond dynamically to changes. As a result, this has led to the dynamisation of the company, increased storage space and increased production capacity.

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